Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Progressive Bowel Movement...Constipated since the 70's.

Talk to any old hippie (if you dare) and they will gleefully tell you how they changed the world in the 60's - early 70's. "We stopped The War", they will say with a sense of pride and satisfaction. "We got involved, changed the dialogue and changed the minds of Americans".

But if you ask them about the 100's of thousands (perhaps millions) of people who suffered intolerably when the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam, they will deflect the conversation to attacking America for getting "involved" in the 1st place.

Outcomes are not really as important to hippies (progressives) as much as "making a difference" is. If the cause is great, that is all that matters. What doesn't matter is that they have no clue how to fix the problem or the ramifications of whatever plan they have. It just matters that they are "....changing the dialogue."

Well these progressive cause-loving hippies have not had a "world changing" movement since the Vietnam War. They have been busy devising ways to make money and get rich while staying true to their hippy ideals (Climate Change fits that bill) and now that they are successful they are racked with a sense of guilt (over becoming wealthy) and have become cranky feeling that they don't "make a difference" anymore.

Obama and his Hope & Change Mantra is just what they have been longing for. A way to use their new found wealth & power in order to be relevant again. Sure there are true believers out there who think Obama's Centralized Government Control is a great idea, but I suspect that many (many, many) of them just feel old and constipated because they haven't had a good movement in decades.


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  2. Well said!!!!
    Hippies should just go back to throwing a mixture of prescription drugs in a big ashtray
    and play, "I wonder what this one does?"
    AARP whores. LoL

  3. I am wondering if those who blindly and sheepishly voted for Obama are reconsidering.

    This Hope & Change mantra is great.........let's use it AGAINST him & his Marxist cronies in the next election....hope & change indeed...let's change the current political party dominating this regime by voting them out and electing the "RIGHT" (minded) kind!