Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Modern Day Walter Mitty in a World of Hope and Change.

There is a fictional character called Walter Mitty which was also made into a bad Danny Kaye film (most Danny Kaye films were bad as he was the Chevy Chase of his time...Chevy with bad musical numbers).

The Mitty character is basically a sheepish, mild-mannered man of little to no importance who sleepwalks thru life while dreaming of all the things he could do if he had the chance. If life would only give him the opportunity, he could show the world what he could do. Meanwhile he just lives his average life, short of the things he wished he had and short of the adventures he wishes he could have.

I have always identified with Mitty, unfortunately. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a Walter Mitty as "an ordinary, often ineffectual person who indulges in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs". My whole life I have dreamed of things I could do. Write a best selling book or a blockbuster screenplay. Front a Rock & Roll band on a world tour or create the next great Concept Album. Become the next Senator or Congressman from my part of the country and of course all the things I could do if I won the Lottery.

This unto itself is not unusual. We all have dreams, as we should and some people find ways to make them come true. I am just not one of those people. I have never really done anything to even try to make any of my dreams come true. Even when I did make an effort, I gave up at the 1st sign of adversity.

My case of Walter Mittyism runs even deeper than that. I find myself hoping for changes around me to even accomplish the most simplest of tasks. If I had a girlfriend, I'ld clean my apartment. If my pay was higher, I'ld work harder. If I had more money, I'ld spend and invest it wisely. If I had HealthCare, I'ld be healthier.

You'ld think the answer is obvious in that I obviously have the cause & effect in reverse order. I'ld maybe have a girlfriend if my apartment (and me) was clean. Maybe I'ld earn more if I worked harder (or at a better paying job) and I would have more money now if I spent and invested wisely now.

Health Care is a little different in that being healthy is not going to grant me HealthCare but the same principle applies. You see, if I had health coverage now and went to the doctor, he/she would advise me to stop smoking, eat healthier, exercise and stop living in filth. I would most likely ignore that advice because I already know these things are bad yet I do them anyway.

Maybe if I won the lottery, had a beautiful girlfriend(s), owned my own record company and citizens were imploring me to run for office, I'ld care more about living longer, would take better care of myself and wouldn't need HealthCare anyway.

Better still. Maybe I can make all these changes myself in my own life now. Maybe I don't need to wait for someone to inspire me or a government entity to provide for me. Maybe I can improve the lives of my family, my friends, my country and myself by taking responsibilty for them instead of always making excuses for not trying and expecting someone or something else to provide for me what I can get myself.

Whew! I feel good now. I'll definately get started on that...tomorrow.

Pleasant Dreams Everyone,