Monday, September 28, 2009

#9 Conspiracy..."Poppies...poppies..."

During the 1st Gulf War, many accused President George H.W. Bush (and America) of going to war for oil. I never did, nor do I now, dispute this claim (partially) because after all, the most common reason for war is to take over or defend resources while using the human tragedies of war to garner emotional support for the effort. The reality is that despite protecting the sovereignty of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein could not be allowed to control those oil fields. We should have marched on Baghdad back then instead of a decade later but the point of this blog is not to condone or condemn those wars. I simply want to admit that there is always more than one reason to go to war and it is often the unspoken reasons that are the main catalysts.

This particular Conspiracy Theory attempts to ascertain why we have invaded Afghanistan beyond the given reasons of hunting for Osama Bin Laden and fighting the Taliban/Al Qaeda.
I believe the reason for The Afghan War is for another natural resource and for a political agenda.

The resource is Poppies...and the agenda is National Health Care.

Here is a Wikipedia excerpt as to why Poppies are important.

Poppies as medicine

Tasmania, Turkey and India are the major producers of poppy for medicinal purposes and poppy-based drugs, such as morphine or codeine.[8] The USA has a policy of sourcing 80% of its narcotic raw materials from the traditional producers, India and Turkey.[9]
A recent initiative to extend opium production for medicinal purposes called Poppy for Medicine was launched by The Senlis Council which proposes that Afghanistan could produce medicinal opium under a scheme similar to that operating in Turkey and India.[10] The Council proposes licensing poppy production in Afghanistan, within an integrated control system supported by the Afghan government and its international allies, to promote economic growth in the country, create vital drugs and combat poverty and the diversion of illegal opium to drug traffickers and terrorist elements. Interestingly, Senlis is on record advocating reintroduction of poppy into areas of Afghanistan, specifically Kunduz, which has been poppy free for some time.
The Senlis proposal is based in part on the assertion that there is an acute global shortage of opium poppy-based medicines some of which (morphine) are on the
World Health Organisation's list of essential drugs as they are the most effective way of relieving severe pain.

Of course we already know that Nationalized Health Care is important to President Obama, but why does he want the Poppies? It's very simple really...Soma for everyone. If the government controls Health Care, then it also controls prescriptions.

The next logical step is to also control the supply of opiates that most of our (good) medications are made from.

Afghanistan has lots of Poppies.

*Disclaimer - I don't know if all these fields are poppies or if the video loops.

Of course a valid argument can be made that the Taliban & Al Qaeda make millions of dollars from the heroin and that money is then used for terrorism.

But now that ObamaCare seems to be floundering and we may not have Federalized Health Care after all...Obama seems much less interested in "winning" in Afghanistan.

It's really all about the Poppies...isn't it?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Progressive Bowel Movement...Constipated since the 70's.

Talk to any old hippie (if you dare) and they will gleefully tell you how they changed the world in the 60's - early 70's. "We stopped The War", they will say with a sense of pride and satisfaction. "We got involved, changed the dialogue and changed the minds of Americans".

But if you ask them about the 100's of thousands (perhaps millions) of people who suffered intolerably when the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam, they will deflect the conversation to attacking America for getting "involved" in the 1st place.

Outcomes are not really as important to hippies (progressives) as much as "making a difference" is. If the cause is great, that is all that matters. What doesn't matter is that they have no clue how to fix the problem or the ramifications of whatever plan they have. It just matters that they are "....changing the dialogue."

Well these progressive cause-loving hippies have not had a "world changing" movement since the Vietnam War. They have been busy devising ways to make money and get rich while staying true to their hippy ideals (Climate Change fits that bill) and now that they are successful they are racked with a sense of guilt (over becoming wealthy) and have become cranky feeling that they don't "make a difference" anymore.

Obama and his Hope & Change Mantra is just what they have been longing for. A way to use their new found wealth & power in order to be relevant again. Sure there are true believers out there who think Obama's Centralized Government Control is a great idea, but I suspect that many (many, many) of them just feel old and constipated because they haven't had a good movement in decades.