Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your Country May Have A Virus...Click Here...

We have all seen those intrusive online pop-ups that warn you that your computer may be infected by a virus. Many have fallen victim to the ruse...Click here to scan your computer for any viruses. After you click on the Scan Now button, the program reports that you have one or more severe viruses that need to be taken care of immediately.

Click here to remove the virus from your computer then pops up and if you click on it, you are rediredted to another web page where you must purchase their Anti-Virus software to complete the process.

It is a Scam!

You may or may not indeed have had a real virus (or at least alot of malware/spyware) on your PC prior to this "scan", but the real scam is that the Anti-Virus Program they want you to buy has just infected your PC with a virus in order to get you to buy the "fix". The infection can be so bad that you cannot operate your PC and the only solution seems to be to go ahead and buy the program for a quick "fix".

This is akin to taking your car to a mechanic for a small problem, who then proceeds to do real (and costly) damage to your vehicle in order to charge you for fixing it. There have been many Dateline NBC type undercover investigations to catch these crooks. Often they don't even do anything to your car yet charge you for the repairs anyway.

Our Government (esp the Dems) seem to be using this same tactic with regards to our Economy. They are telling us that our Economy has a "virus" and that we need to "buy" their proposals to "fix" the problem. What they don't tell us though, is that they (the government) were in large part what caused this economic "virus" in the 1st place.

Whether it be from lack of oversight on the financial industry, foolish (often corrupt) government programs pushing risky home loans, stupid trade policies that favor foreign nations while weakening our own economy or just plain old wasteful spending and throwing good money after bad, our Government has been the biggest factor in ruining our Economy.

And now they are telling us that the "fix" for all these problems is to increase government spending, government control and government oversight.

It is a Scam!

The Democratic Agenda has been and especially now is to increase the size of government, the scope of government and the power of government. They are using the excuse of an emergency to ramrod special interest programs, funds, pet projects and flat out political payoffs to those that got (or kept) them in power. I am beginning to think that Obamas plan to reform government and limit the influence of Lobbyists is to create a Centralized Government that is so powerful that it calls the shots and tells "Private Industry" what it can and can not do.

I am not insinuating that there is not an Economic Crisis...There Is! What I am questioning though, is do we really want to buy the "program(s)" that created this virus in the 1st place?

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