Thursday, January 15, 2009


The media definately leans Left but I do not believe it is a conspiracy to change the moral fabric of America (& The World) but it ends up having that effect anyway. Hollywood & The Media know that the majority of Americans are Judeo-Christians and that even those that are not of a professed religion still live by Judeo-Christian ethics and morales.

What The Media does, though (and quite effectively) is prey upon the fears of our ethics and moralities. They know what scares us, what makes us cry, what makes us laugh, what makes us proud and what gives us hope.
Of course they don’t always hit the bullseye (esp. in the comedy dept.) but the best movies, TV shows, music and art make you think…they make you feel…and they make you doubt yourself.

How would I react? What would I do? Why is life like that sometimes? When will I become like that? Am I like that? Why I am like that? The Entertainment Industry is very adept at tapping into our emotions. That’s actually why we love (and hate) it so much…it knows us so well. It knows how to get under our skin and draw out intense feelings.

That is what sells tickets, CD’s, DVD’s and such to the the masses. Sometimes the “message” of a particular film is specifically geared towards a tartget audience (& mindset) but even then it is done so with one purpose in mind…to make a profit. If they feel the audience for an anti-war film will be large enough to garner a profit…they will make it. Then they will make a film that praises the foot soldier and makes you proud to be an American because it will be a blockbuster and make up for some of the losses on the “other” films that didn’t quite have the audience numbers they hoped for.

The Entertainment Industry should really be called The Industry of Entertainment. It is an Industry 1st and foremost. A business in business to make money. Entertainment is the product they sell, and sell it well they do.

The Media (esp. Television) is also a business. TV makes it’s money from Advertisers who want to sell their products to the masses. Every Television Show on the air is there for the sole purpose of attracting the largest possible audience in order to charge the highest rates for advertisments. A smart Network, Cable Provider, Sattelite Broadcaster does not want to alienate and ignore any possible viewer/consumer so they offer programs that appeal to almost every imaginable demographic. If some demos are left out of “mainstream” programming, a smaller company will usually try to tap that market, albeit for more meager profits but for profits none the less.

The News also is part of this demographic programming. Each and every news channel is geared towards where they see the most profits based on marketshares, demographics and ratings. The majority of news and commentary appears to be left leaning because in reality, we are a much more liberal people than we were. Freedom tends to do that and The Media follows trends.

Conservative values are also still represented however, but only because there is still a large enough market for it to be profitable but it is the minority and the big bucks are in showcasing Liberal Ideals because that’s where most of the money is…because of the Obama phenomenon.

“Obama” sells tickets, magazines and t-shirts along with Hope. The Media wants (needs) the Ad Revenue from those trying to sell us Pepsi, so The Media is selling us Hope.

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**Also, the title is just Media because everytime I hit the Space Bar, it changed the launguage...weird...or is it Wierd?

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  1. "The media definately leans Left but I do not believe it is a conspiracy to change the moral fabric of America (& The World)"

    I wish I shared such a belief with you, Steven. But there have been far too many media types who, through speeches and self-written books, have convinced me that they are so elitist and egotistical that they beleive themselves smarter and superior than 99.5% of the world's population...past and present.
    Maybe they do indeed just want a better world for us all...
    But it's clearly "a better world" as THEY see it...without any regard for the beliefs and feelings of others.

    In my opinion, of course.
    Great blog, Steven!
    I really like this!